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Hindi Literature 1


Admission requirements

The course is open to students who hold a BA and have passed the BA courses Hindi 1-6. ### Description

The course consists of a seminar in analysing modern Hindi prose texts that deal with a specific theme. That theme is in principle chosen by the students in consultation with the teacher. The teaching material consists of Hindi prose texts, and theoretical material on text analysis.

Course objectives

The students will gain a better insight in and more experience of narratological text analysis as applied to modern Hindi texts, and at the same time gain a better insight into certain aspects of Indian society that come to the fore in the chosen theme.


[To be decided later.]

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Assessment is made of the text analyses prepared at home by each of the students in turn and presented by them in class (80%), of the corrected versions of their own analyses that they hand in successively (10%), and of their contribution to the discussion of each analysis (10%).


No Blackboard used.

Reading list

M. Bal, Narratology, available from many bookshops. Is used during the seminar only, and need not be read in advance.


How the (various groups of) students should register for the course.

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to apply.

Contact information

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