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Thesis Seminar: The Future of Liberal Democracy



The Thesis Seminar of the master PS Political Philosophy specialisation aims to structure students’ thinking on and writing of the final thesis to be submitted at the end of the year. The title of the seminar has been held deliberately general, in order to facilitate as much as possible students’ individual research interests. However, this does not mean that any subject in political philosophy whatsoever can be accommodated. The range of possible topics is constrained by lecturers’ capacity to supervise. On the other hand, since a considerable range of topics will be broached during the several courses, there will be much to think and write about.

Although formally the thesis seminar will take place in Block 3 and 4, ideally students will start thinking about their thesis subject during the Colloquium in block 2. By the end of Block 2, the student should at least have identified a topic area in which the thesis will be written. At the beginning of January, each student will meet with the instructor to identify the literature that should be read during January in order to prepare for the thesis seminar, which begins in February.


Part I: Master Thesis proposal
Part II: Master Thesis


Monday 6 Feb till 28 May, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs., in SA31 (except 9 Apr Easter Monday, 30 Apr Queensday, 28 May Pinksteren) and
Wednesday 8 Feb till 30 May, 15.00-17.00 hrs., in SA37