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Human Potential: Application


Admission requirements

Master’s students Psychology


This course complements the course “Human Potential: Theory”, but the two courses are set up to allow for a reversed order. How can theoretical knowledge be applied to enhance productivity, creativity, memory, well-being and self-regulation? The knowledge acquired here can be applied by (human resource) managers, educators and people working with older adults; in product development, governmental policy and public interest.

Lecture overview:
1) Introduction + Enhancement@school (G. Band)
2) Enhancement in sports and creativity (G. Band)
3) Enhancement for older adults (G. Band)
4) Ethics, Individualized approach, Statistics, and Methodology (J. Groeneweg)
5) Enhancement@work (to be announced)
6) Policy making (to be announced)
7) Enhancement@traffic (W. Verschuur)
8) Design and product development (P. Haazebroek)

Students will also perform case studies on the basis of interviews and literature reviews.
Case studies, e.g.:

  • How to optimize performance of shift workers

  • How to foster creativity and productivity

  • Brain-based views on education

  • Physical and mental fitness

Course objectives

After this course, students have obtained experience with applying cognitive enhancement techniques and views for application in a variety of fields.


Human Potential: Application (2011-2012)

Mode of instruction

  • 8 lectures x 2 hour

  • 2 colloquia x 1 hour

  • Individual work on case studies with individual supervisor

Assessment method

Two individual case study reports

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Information on

Reading list

  • Selected journal articles (appr. 250 pages)

  • Individual literature (appr. 200 pages)

Master’s introduction and enrolment day

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Contact information

Dr. G. Band
Room 2A47
Tel: 071-5273998