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Legal Documents from Graeco-Roman Egypt


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Legal documents from Egypt, stemming from the Graeco-Roman period and mostly written in Greek, are read in translation and are discussed.Based on these often fragmentary sources, various reconstructions of the legal system, showing influences of Egyptian, Greek and Roman law, are described. Students are invited to evaluate the plausibility of these reconstructions, and to propose their own alternatives. These discussions should illustrate the importance of changing socio- economic conditions and different legal traditions in shaping legal systems.

Course objectives

Objectives of the course:
The course has the following objectives:

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Achievement levels:
The following achievement levels apply with regard to the course:

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Mode of instruction


  • Number of (2 hour) lectures:

  • Names of lecturers:

  • Required preparation by students:


  • Number of (2 hour) seminars: 10

  • Names of instructors: Dr. F.A.J. (Cisca) Hoogendijk

  • Required preparation by students: texts handed out in earlier class must be prepared prior to discussion in class

Other methods of instruction

  • Description:

  • Number of (2 hour) instructions:

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Assessment method

Examination form(s)

  • Written exam.
    The exam amounts to 75% of the final grade. The remaining 25% of the grade consists of class participation.

Submission procedures

Areas to be tested within the exam
Texts handed out in class, further literature to be announced, class discussion.


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Reading list

Obligatory course materials

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Contact details


  • Departement: Papyrological Institute

  • Room number secretariat: Papyrological Institute, Universiteitsbibliotheek (University Library), Witte Singel 27, Leiden

  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00

  • Telephone number secretariat: +31 (0)71 527 2906


10 ECTS if an additional paper is written.