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Research Based Business Opportunities



Every business, small dedicated company and big multinational alike, once upon a time was established because their founders saw a business opportunity, or to be more precise: an entrepreneurial business opportunity. Entrepreneurial here indicating that a new firm may have a good chance, and perhaps even a better chance than established companies, of successfully exploiting the opportunity.
Understanding how to recognize and frame entrepreneurial business opportunities for research- and technology-based business constitutes the core of this course.
The backbone of this course is the book ‘Finding Fertile Ground: Identifying Extraordinary Opportunities for New Ventures’ by Scott Shane. This is illustrated and elaborated upon in a number of journal articles, case studies and assignments.
To a large extent, this is a self-study course with on line Blackboard tests to help studying. There will be some evening sessions also. They will be on Monday nights in the period September to November, 2011. The location will be in the LUMC.


Intended for: MSc students, Ph.D. students, post-docs, university staff and others motivated for creating and working in research-based business.

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RBB Planning is part of a series of three courses with a course load of 5 EC each: RBB-Ventures, RBB-Planning, and RBB-Opportunities, which can be followed together as well as separately. These courses arm students and (future) researchers with the basic knowledge of how to spot, assess and exploit an entrepreneurial, research-based business opportunity and have been desiged to lower the hurdles for students and researchers for getting involved in the process of starting high-tech ventures. This knowledge will be valuable for those who aspire to one day start their own company or who want to become involved in the process of company creation and development as tech transfer managers, business developers, business advisors, investment managers or serial entrepreneurs.

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