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Seminar hominin biogeography


Compulsory attendance


Admission requirements

BA or BSc degree (or equivalent) in Archaeology or a relevant discipline, admission to the RMA-programme.


This seminar zooms in on the geographical distribution of early hominins, especially Neandertals, from the very first beginning of the lineage more than 500,000 years ago, until their demise at 35,000 BP.
Biogeographical theory, studies of hominin environmental tolerance and data on their adaptations are presented and discussed in this course, with an emphasis on how theories can be developed and tested in Palaeolithic archaeology.

Course objectives

  • Obtaining knowledge of the field of biogeography;

  • Obtaining knowledge of hominin biology and environments;

  • Gaining insight in how to develop and test hypotheses in Palaeolithic archaeology;

  • Improving critical analysis of extant models;

  • Improving presentation skills.

Ects distribution

The course load will be distributed as follows:


Course schedule details can be found in the MA time schedule.

Mode of instruction

After one introductory lecture and an extensive literature study, students have to write a paper with a critical review of the current models on the spatial distribution of hominins, present this paper to the class and chair the discussion resulting from their presentation.

Assessment method

  • Participation;

  • Written assignment;

  • Presentation.

Assessment deadline

The essay deadline is 19 April 2013.

Reading list

To be announced.


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Contact information

For more information about this course, please contact mw dr J.C.A. Joordens.