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Conversion Course: Research Design and Measurement



The course is designed to introduce students to the basics of the most important research designs and methods, and to provide them with the primary notions of statistical analysis. First, we discuss the research design components and some of the regular qualitative and quantitative research methods. Second, we set the bases for the use of statistical methods in political research by focusing on descriptive and inferential statistics (bivariate and multivariate techniques of analysis).

Methods of Instruction

Lectures, class discussions, and exercises (SPSS based).


Approximately 700 pages:

Earl Babbie (2010), The Practice of Social Research, 12th edition, Thomson Wadsworth

Andy Field (2009). Discovering Statistics Using SPSS. London: Sage Publications (3rd edition).



Tuesday 4 September till 16 October, 17.00-19.00 hrs in 1A30 (pc)

Meeting 1: Field chp 1-5
Meeting 2: Field chp 6-8
Meeting 3: Field chp 9-11
Meeting 4: Field chp 12-13
Meeting 5: Field chp 16+17
Meeting 6: Babbie TBA
Meeting 7: Babbie TBA
Meeting 8: Examination