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Sonic Interventions in Public Space


Admission requirements

Students need to bring their laptop


Instead of merely accepting the sonic environment or by learning to pay more attention to it, sound artists also intervene in the soundscapes of everyday life. By blowing up certain already present sounds or by adding new ones, sounds of public spaces are altered, thereby often creating a disturbed balance between what is seen and what is heard. In Lab 2: Sonic Interventions in Public Space many examples of sonic interventions by artists are examined, e.g. through sound walks. Furthermore, attention will be paid to the technical sides of these interventions and students will get acquainted with the basic principles of making sound art in public spaces.

Course objectives

  1. The student is introduced to a relatively new field of sound art (in public spaces), both theoretically and practically.
    1. The student develops a critical attitude to her or his auditory environment with or without interventions by sound artists (e.g. through sound walks).
    2. The student is able to rethink former attitudes towards sounds. This enlarges her/his view on her/his aural environment.


Lipsius building, room 235.C, Wednesdays from 17.00 to 19.00
First lecture date t.b.a.

Mode of instruction

Tutorial + Excursions (Sound Walks and Field Work)

Assessment method

Assignment and/or take home exam



Reading list

LaBelle, Brandon (2007) Background Noise. Perspectives on Sound Art. New York: Continuum.
Oliveros, Pauline (2005) Deep Listening. A Composers’ Sound Practice. New York: iUniverse
Selected articles provided for the course


Marten van der Meulen

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Contact information

Marcel Cobussen

Marten van der Meulen