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Listening through Analysis

Course 2012-2013

Entrance requirements

In order to be able to take this course students must have passed the course Music Theory or have a similar level of knowledge and skills.


In this tutorial students will learn how to analyze compositions from different musical styles. They will enlarge their understanding of the workings of the musical language by listening, reading and analyzing. If the composition of the group enables it there will also be active music making in the form of singing.
Different methods of analysis will be discussed. The purpose is to make students more aware of what is heard in the music, and also why it sounds as it does.


Second semester

Mode of instruction

Tutorial. Self study using texts and scores

Mode of Assesment

Written paper


No literature is required. The necessary texts scores will be handed out by the teacher.


NB: this course is NOT listed in Usis. Students are obliged to register for this course through the application form that can be downloaded via this link.

Application form


Arjen Berends