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All students complete an internship at an international organisation. Both the Political Science Department and Clingendael have contacts with international and domestic organisations including the institutions of the European Union and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme’s Internship Coordinator will assist students in finding internships and is available for consultation from the beginning of the first year for those with clear ideas of their internship objectives or for those seeking guidance and advice.

An internship meeting is being organized every October in order to give an overview of internship possibilities and to answer any questions.


An assessment form filled in by the internship supervisor of the organization at stake : 30% of the grade. The form ‘Internship_SUPERVISOR_FINAL_ASSESSMENT_FORM.doc’ can be found on Blackboard/Course documents.

A detailed internship report, made of two parts: a) A short report (approximately 3-5 pages) on your internship, including an analysis of the internship and an evaluation of the experience. (20% of the grade) b) A full-length research paper (approximately 10-15 pages), developing in an academic style on one issue of relevance in international relations touched upon during the internship. (50% of the grade). In order to be counted, both products must obtain at least a passing grade.

The internship report consists of a short analysis of the type, aims and workings of the institution you do your internship for and a short overview of your activities within this organization. A simple ‘listing of activities’ will not suffice. The internship research paper should be approximately 10-15 pages in length and must comply with usual academic writing styles and standards, including the provision of a full-length bibliography. The paper should summarize research conducted during the internship. If activities conducted during the internship are not focused on research, the paper will need to academically explore a topic or an issue pertinent to the study of international relations and touched upon during the internship. The research paper has the format of a usual full seminar (research) paper.

This grade will also take in consideration the timely submission of all forms and products related to the internship.

This includes the internship plan and agreement that have to be submitted prior to the internship. Both documents ‘Internship_agreement.doc’ and ‘internship_plan.doc’ can be found on Blackboard/Course documents.

Both parts of the internship report (short report and research paper) must be submitted within two weeks after completion of the internship.

For further questions please contact:

Marije Scheperman
+31(0)71 527 6044
Office: 5B01
Office hours: Wednesday morning and Friday morning