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Demotic Papyrology II


Admission requirements

Demotic Papyrology I or equivalent.


Study of capita selecta Early and Ptolemaic Demotic, e.g. archives or dossiers or other coherent text corpora.

Course objectives

Ability to independently read Demotic documentary texts and to assess and improve on publications used in class. Full insight into the requirements for publishing Demotic sources. Providing students with the knowledge and tools needed to take on unpublished texts by themselves.


Wednesday 9.00-11.00 at Papyrological Institute, University Library

Mode of instruction

Class instruction. Students prepare for class in advance.

Assessment method

Attendance, preparation and participation in the discussion of the Demotic sources treated in class (50%) and final exam (50%).


M. Depauw, A Companion to Demotic Studies, Brussel 1997