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Greek Papyrology


Admission requirements

Regular MA admission; sufficient knowledge of ancient Greek (if in doubt, contact the instructor).


Greek papyri form an important source for the history of Greek, Roman and Byzantine Egypt. Students will read varied, mainly documentary, papyri from their editions and will study some original papyri from photos, learning to place them in their historical and cultural context.

Course objectives

Students will have a basic knowledge of Greek papyrology and its apparatus, will be able to decipher easier documentary papyri and situate them in their historical and cultural context, and will have acquired some basic editorial skills.


Please, contact the instructor teaching the course to make an appointment.

Mode of instruction

Seminar (including many hours of self-study).

Assessment method

Written exam on introductory literature before start of classes; written assignments during the course and oral exam at the end.


Not applicable.

Reading list

  • R.S. Bagnall (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology (2009).

  • P.W. Pestman, The New Papyrological Primer. Second Edition, Revised (1994).
    More literature announced during class.


Contact information

Please, contact Dr. F.A.J. Hoogendijk