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Contemporary Problems, Sources and Methods in EU Research


Admission requirements

Admission to the Master EUS.


This course will introduce students to concepts of qualitative and quantitative research and a hands-on acquaintance with relevant computer programs. In addition it will introduce students to literature, sources and data on the EU and the means for finding these using the electronic media. It will also address problems of research design. During the first semester students will be expected to write a fully annotated essay on the state of research in the subject area of their eventual dissertation.

Course objectives

The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge of the contemporary research approaches and research techniques. They will be able to use the sources and methods that are required for advanced work in the problem areas of the EU.



Mode of instruction

Lecture and group assignments.

Assessment method

  • Midterm written exam multiple choice questions / open questions = 25%

  • End exam with open questions = 25%

  • Literature Review of thesis topic and Proposed thesis outline = 50%


Yes, see the site for more information.

Reading list

  • W. Lawrence Neuman, Social Research Methods: Qualitative and quantitative approaches, 2005 ( £ 41,79)

  • Manfred te Grotenhuis & Theo van der Weegen, Statistical Tools: an overview of common applications in social sciences, ISBN 9789023245322 ( € 19,90)

  • C. Hart, Doing Your Masters Dissertation, Sage, London, 2005 ( £ 18.62).


Via uSis.
See also: registration and admission requirements for the Master EUS.

Contact information

Prof. Dr. J.Q.T. Rood and Dr. T.W.G. van der Meer.