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Wisselleerstoel Chileense Studies


Admission requirements

To be a registered student of any Master programme at Leiden University or other Dutch University, and to have a good command of the Spanish language.


Each year a Chilean Visiting Professor comes to Leiden to teach about a key issue in contemporary Chilean society. In the period February-March 2013 Prof. Javier Couso (Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile) will teach a course entitled ‘Culturas de legalidad y la judicialización de la política en Chile’. In this course he will deal with the alleged legalistic orientation of Chilean society in an attempt to establish to what an extent that idea is part of a myth or does indeed correspond to reality. Special attention will be paid to the increasing phenomenon of ‘judicialization’ of the socio-political conflict in Chile by which certain groups make use of legal mechanisms (both at home and abroad) to struggle for their specific demands vis-à-vis the national state.

Course objectives

To learn to look at contemporary social and political issues from a legal perspective; understanding both the opportunities as well as the limitations which characterizes the judicialization of major socio-political conflicts in society.


The course consists of twelve lectures on Wednesdays (11.00-13.00 hrs) and Thursdays (13.00-15.00 hrs), starting on 6 February 2013. Look at blackboard for full information.

Mode of instruction

Lectures and working group activities.

Assessment method

Participation in discussions and the writing of a paper.


Blackboard will be used to post all the necessary information about the course (programme, time tables, announcements, etc.). Also announcements will be posted on interesting activities (such as Conferences, workshops, expositions, etc.), which are related to the themes analyzed during the course.

Reading list

  • List of publications will be posted in due course at Blackboard.


Register via uSis.