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International Humanitarian Law


The general theme of the course is: “The contemporary system of implementing International Humanitarian Law”. After an introductory study of Humanitarian Law in armed conflict (such as protection of victims and use of weapons), the course will deal with topical developments in the law and state practice at the diplomatic level, in the judicial field and during armed conflicts. The lectures and working groups will focus on the interplay between the more traditional rules governing the conduct of parties in armed conflict and new developments in the areas of collective reactions of states to violations of rules and recently created new methods and means of implementation. Among the topics to be addressed are: the regime on landmines, UN peace operations, safe areas, criminal responsibility and international war crimes tribunals.

Study material: Frits Kalshoven, Liesbeth Zegveld, Constraints on the Waging of War; An Introduction to International Humanitarian Law, 4th edition, 2011

Examination: Research Paper.

Course dates: Mondays 14 January (10:00-13:00 and 14:00-16 hrs), and 21 January to 4 March from 10:00-13:00, KOG, Leiden