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Student Research Project


Admission requirements

All exams of the first and second year have to be passed.


Depends on the chosen subject.

Course objectives

During the traineeship, students become acquainted with their future occupation by participating in scientific research. They conduct research on an individual basis to find answers to research questions and gain insight into their field of study. Moreover, the students learn how new scientific insights enable the exploration of new methods and how problems can be solved. Furthermore, they learn to participate in a research team and to engage in departmental and laboratory consultations on the progress of the research project.

Mode of instruction

Supervised research project/traineeship and writing report thereof.

Assessment method

The Student Research Project will be assessed by the supervisor using the form that is available on the LUMC ‘onderwijs-website’.


To find a place where they can do their traineeship, students can consult the “stageklapper” which is available on blackboard. Together with their traineeship supervisor they have to fill in the “stageformulier” which is available on blackboard in the BW 3rd year course “Choose”.


The Student Research Project is subject to the Procedures Training Periods/Research Projects (stageregeling). These regulations require detailed written agreements between supervisor and student that specify the conditions for the Research Project. This agreement should be put forward to the examination board at least four weeks before the start of the project.
More information about the Research Project can be found on LUMC’s Onderwijswebsite Regels en Procedures> Stageregeling or in the “Choose” course, section “Info BW3 stage” on Blackboard.