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  • Introduction to Econophysics (historical background, interaction between Physics and Economics, past and present aims of the field).

  • Stochastic processes and time series.

  • Stylised facts of single financial time series.

  • Cross-correlations among multiple time series.

  • Complex networks and interactions among economic agents.

  • Network models of wealth distribution and market behaviour.

  • International economic interactions: the World Trade Web

Programme form

Lectures and excercises


Obligatory: “Econophysics: An Introduction” by S. Sinha, A. Chatterjee, A. Chakraborti, B.K. Chakrabarti (Publisher: Wiley-VCH, 2010; ISBN: 978-3-527-40815-3)


Year 3
5th semester

Physics Schedule


Schriftelijk tentamen en huiswerkopdrachten (de helft mee in de bepaling van het eindcijfer voor de cursus; nadere details worden bij aanvang college bekend gemaakt)

Written exam and home work assignments (exam and end results of the assignments both count 50% in the determination of the final mark for the course, further details will be announced at the start of the course)

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Statistische Fysica 1 and Statistische Fysica 2 is recommended.

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Contact details lecturer: Dr. D. Garlaschelli (Diego)