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Semiconductors and Electron bands



This lecture series treats the electronic properties of solids. It starts with the behavior of metals, and then turns to a more fundamental discussion of finding the electronic band structure of materials, the role of the periodic potential, and how this leads to insulators, semiconductors, and metals. The last part is concerned with semiconductor devices such as p-n junctions, and 2-dimensional electron gasses as can be found in semiconductor heterostructures and graphene. Important concepts : free electron gas; reciprocal lattice and diffraction; Fermi surfaces; Tight-binding approximation; Quantum Hall effect.

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Year 3
5th semester

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Contact details lecturer: Prof.dr. J. Aarts (Jan)

More information will be available on Blackboard (which requires a ULCN account). The lectures can be given in english if foreign students are present, otherwise they are given in Dutch.