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Computational Astrophysics (IAC 2013)



You will learn how to use the computer for your scientific research in computational science and astrophysics. You will use the most advanced computer hardware to simulate the Universe and to process the data resulting from your calculations. You will learn how to program the computer, debug your source code and optimize it until the full potential of the computer is utilized. During this course you will learn to use multiple languages, parallel computers and special-purpose hardware to solve astrophysical problems. You will be part of a small research group consisting of computational scientists and astrophysicists, together with whom you compete to write the most efficient simulation software.

Programme form

Lectures and practica.
The course is an “Interacademiaal college” which means that it is an interacademy course, open to students from different universities in the Netherlands.



Astronomy Schedule


Homework and exam


Calculus, experience with least one programming language, BSc physics or astronomy

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Lecturer: Prof.dr. S.F. (Simon) Portegies Zwart
Assistant: MSc A.J. (Alexander) Rimoldi