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Cool Science


This course introduces a number of significant themes in the natural sciences. Themes that are often recognized by name, but that require further study to be really understood. Themes that are relevant in other academic fields and also in everyday life: emergence & reduction; evolution; uncertainty; chaos & fractals; recursion & self-reference.

By means of popular scientific texts, scientific articles, and alternative media like film and literature this course attempts to explain the essence of the mentioned themes. This course is finalized with a series of columns and a more substantial end product, like an essay or something else.

Media Technology students and other interested master students

Admittance demands
Bachelor diploma

Method of instruction
Lectures and self study

To be announced in class

Time table
The dates are included in the Media Technology calendar

Number of Classes
15 × 2 hours class

Via program coordinator Media Technology: Lianne Heun, 071-527 6994

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