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The synthesis and study of objects with nanometer-size functional elements require dedicated fabrication methods. This course will provide the technological and scientific background needed to master the objectives and methods of nanofabrication. Subjects include: material properties and growth methods; pattern definition and transfer; self-assembly; (bio-)molecular manipulation; methods of inspection, analysis and characterization.

Programme form

Basic lectures, expert lectures, student presentation & discussion, and lab work.


‘Micro- and Nanofabrication’ by Zheng Cui (Springer Verlag: can be hired) and ‘Introduction to Nanoscience’ by S.M. Lindsay (Oxford University Press). Copies of lectures, scientific papers for the student presentations and discussions, lab-work manual.


Physics Schedule

Form of examination

Written exam (40%), home work (20%), student presentation (20%), and lab work (20%).


More information

Lecturer: Dr. P.F.A. Alkemade

This course is taught at the TU Delft.
More information can be found on Blackboard TU Delft