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Advanced Journalism




Admission Requirements

  • Essentials of Journalism

  • Literature of Journalism

Similarly tagged 200-level and 300-level courses. Students that do not meet this prerequisite should contact the instructor regarding the required competencies before course allocation.


This course follows directly on from the Essentials of Journalism – seeking to deepen students understanding of print journalism and in particular honing their skills in reporting, interviewing and in writing news stories and features. The course will also work on their ability to edit stories, taking particular care with the use of cliché free, clear English. The emphasis now will be on students going out and doing their own reporting, but the students will be given a host of articles – both news stories and features – to study and discuss.

Course Objectives

  • To hone the reporting, interviewing and writing skills of the students

  • To give a clear understanding and grasp of editing

  • To further develop their ability to write news features

Mode of Instruction

Half the classes will be taken up by lectures – on reporting, sourcing, feature writing, editing and interviewing. There will be in-class interviewing exercises. Discussions will focus on editing and on the various news and feature articles handed out to the students during the block. Most weeks students will also be expected to go out and report their own news story in the Hague. Their reporting experiences will also be discussed in class. There will also be in-class writing assignments with time limitation.
Every Tuesday the class will begin with a review of the latest assignment the students have done and during the week I will see the students individually to discuss their work and experiences.


Assessment: In-class participation
Percentage: 10%
Deadline: Ongoing, weeks 1-7

Assessment: Four reporting assignments (400 words each)
Percentage: 30%
Deadline: Weeks 1-7

Assessment: Four set or in-class assignments (400 words each)
Percentage: 30%
Deadline: Weeks 1-6

Assessment: Final two features + 1 rewrite (800 words each)
Percentage: 30%
Deadline: Weeks 6-8


The students will be handed a variety of articles during the course.

All students should have:

  • Essential English (for Journalists, Editors and Writers) – Harold Evans

  • The Elements of Journalism – Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

  • Blur: How to know what’s true in the age of information overload – Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

Contact Information

Aernout van Lynden: avlynden@yahoo.co.uk

Weekly Overview

Week 1: Introductory lecture + recap of news writing + 1st in-class assignment
Week 2: Reaction to assignments + lecture on news lead and editing
Week 3: Reaction to assignments + further lecture on editing/use of words
Week 4: Reaction to assignments + lecture on interviewing + interviewing exercise
Week 5: Reaction to assignments + out of class reporting exercise
Week 6: Reaction to assignments + lecture on feature writing
Week 7: Reaction to assignments + class discussion on course

Preparation for first session