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Chinese - Elementary




Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for this course is Chinese – Beginners (8101GCCHI). Students that do not meet this prerequisite should contact the instructor regarding the required competencies before course allocation.


This course aims at the development of communicative skills, with a special focus on listening and speaking skills. The expanding of cultural knowledge about China and its people is an integral part of the course.

Course Objectives

Expending the knowledge acquired in the first semester, the learner will master basic Chinese grammar constructions and expressions, enabling him/her to handle basic daily conversations. Learners will be able to write another 400-450 Chinese simplified characters, and will acquire 450-500 vocabulary items.

Mode of Instruction

The teaching method will be based on communicative-oriented approach, with strong focus on pronunciation and speaking fluency.




  • Shaoyang Qi. 2011. Discover China Student’s book two. UK: Macmillan Education. (ISBN: 0230406394)

  • Jie Zhang. 20111. Discover China Workbook book two. UK: Macmillan Education. (ISBN: 0230406408)

  • Recommended Reading: Claudia Ross, Jing-heng Sheng Ma. 2006. Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar. London: Routledge. (ISBN: 0-415-70010-8)

Contact Information

seanyang325@hotmail.com (071-527 1633/1635)
Room 201a, P.N. van Eyckhof 3 (Leiden Campus)

Weekly Overview


Preparation for first session