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Software Project / Project Study (optional!)



By means of a software project or project study, the student learns to:

  • apply knowledge previously acquired in master courses to a practical problem,

  • acquire practical skills for successfully working in an academic or industrial environment,

  • gain experience with methods and algorithms previously taught in courses,

  • study and understand scientific literature in a relevant field,

  • extend their knowledge related to material previously learned in master courses, and

  • implement algorithms or software systems to gain practical experience with them.


The main characteristics of a software project or project study are synthesis. Students work on a topic, a software implementation or a problem in which they bring to bear the skills and knowledge previously acquired in the bachelor and master phase of their studies. Typical examples are, e.g., writing a survey article or designing and implementing a software system. In case of a software project, a software system is designed and/or built according to standard software engineering principles. The software systems which are entertained are driven by demands of research or commercial applications in industry. Internships within companies are possible for software projects.
The software project / project study is executed under the supervision of a research staff member at LIACS. Research project topics are provided by directly speaking with individual supervisors.


  • Writing a survey article or project report (project study)

  • Designing and/or implementing a software system (software project)


The final mark is given for the quality of the survey article / project report or the software system (or system design).


There is no explicit website for the research project. Potential topics can be found by approaching individual supervisors.