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EU Seminar


Admission requirements

Admission to the Master EUS.


This course will run on an intermittent basis throughout the two semesters. The guests will either be leading academics who will be asked to discuss their research or leading politicians or officials from national level or international organisations who will be asked to speak about their experiences and to discuss aspects of current affairs.

Course objectives

Students will be stimulated to take part in debates and to reflect on the societal relevance of science.


Wednesday 9 oktober, Den Haag, Huis van Europa, Korte Vijverberg 6, 15.15 tot 16.30 uur; drinks afterwards. Speaker: mr.drs. Matthijs E.C. van der Plas, Chef Directie Europese Integratie, BZ. Topic: Present Dutch EU policy.

Wednesday 13 november, Leiden, Lipsius Building, 15.15-16.30 uur. Speaker: Prof. dr. Alexander Rinnooy Kan, hoogleraar economie en bedrijfskunde, Universiteit van Amsterdam, daarvoor Voorzitter van de Sociaal-Economische Raad. Topic: European experiences as SER president.

Wednesday 4 december, Leiden, Lipsius Building, 15.15- 16.30 uur Speaker: Dr, Steven Blockmans, verbonden aan Brusselse thinktank CEPS. Topic: European Neighbourhood Policy.

Five more seminars will be scheduled during the second semester. Two of these will be located in Den Haag.

Mode of instruction

Seminars. Attendance of the seminars is obligatory.


Via uSis.
See also: registration and admission requirements for the Master EUS.

Contact information

drs J. Penders


The master EUS cooperates with the Campus Den Haag of Leiden University and the Montesquieu-Institute. All information concerning the European seminars can be found on the following websites: