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Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis



The aim of this course is to offer a short introduction to research designs for testing causal hypotheses, in particular experiments, and to review and apply basic statistical techniques such as exploratory factor analysis, ANOVA, OLS and logistic regression that are commonly used in political science and public administration research. The course builds upon the knowledge gained in introductory statistics courses and further develops students’ analytical skills in a series of practical assignments, with special attention to checking statistical assumptions and the interpretation and presentation of results.

Methods of Instruction

The course will use a mix of lectures, class discussions of assigned literature, and short presentations.

Study material

Field, Andy, Jeremy Miles, and Zoë Field. 2012. Discovering Statistics Using R. London: Sage

A selection of articles (announced on Blackboard).


The grade will be based on course assignments, a final research paper, and class participation.


Tuesday 1 April until 20 May, 9.00-11.00 hrs in SA31