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Master thesis archaeology


Compulsory attendance

You are obliged to attend all thesis tutorials in order to obtain the ects for the thesis.


An MA-thesis can consist of a study of material culture, a study based on fieldwork or laboratory research, or a literature study. However, in all cases, it will not suffice to give a description of the data studied. The student will have to show that he/she realises how the research is positioned in a broader field, what the taphonomic and methodical problems are which may perhaps be attached to the research, and will have to go into the theoretical and/or methodical perspectives that can be linked to the research problem.
The thesis should contain 20,000-30,000 words, figures, tables and a reference list (40-60 pages in total, appendices not included). The length of the thesis is not a norm in itself. A high quality thesis can be short; a sizable thesis is not a guarantee for success.

More information on writing your thesis, forms and criteria is on the Archaeology website

Course objectives

  • Independent planning and execution of archaeological research under supervision and to report on it in accordance with scientific standards of the research field;

  • Ability to independently collate, analyse and interpret research data (from an excavation, laboratory, or own research), by using specialist literature and theoretical perspectives which are current in the research area in relation to the specific research. The aim of the MA thesis is to teach students how to write for (and speak to) a scientific audience. In essence the MA thesis ought to be fit for publication.


A presentation of the research outline and results during the thesis tutorial make up 10% of the final thesis grade.