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Cross-cultural Psychology of Health and Illness


Admission requirements

Propedeuse-course Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology or similar course.


This course addresses a psychological perspective on culture, health, disease and health care. Attention will be paid to cultural aspects of core psychological concepts and models.

Course objectives

After the course students

  • Have an understanding of cultural aspects related to personality, psychopathology, stress, pain and illness.

  • Have an understanding of cultural differences in health beliefs, lifestyles and health.

  • Have an understanding of communication between health care professionals and migrant patients and the use of healthcare facilities.


Cross-cultural Psychology of Health and Illness (2013-2014):

Mode of instruction

7 lectures of 2 hours

  • Lecture 1: Cultural prejudice and personality and culture

  • Lecture 2: Emotion, motivation and culture

  • Lecture 3: Stress in migrants and cultural aspects of pain

  • Lecture 4: Culture, body-image, lifestyle and health

  • Lecture 5: Development, health and culture

  • Lecture 6: Culture and psychopathology

  • Lecture 7: Culture and somatic health care

One presentation session (3 hours) at the end of the course (presence required)

Assessment method

Exam with 3 (out of 4) open question (70% of endgrade), and a groupassignment consisting of a paper and presentation on a specific topic related to the course (see Blackboard). The group assignment is 30% of the endgrade.

From January 1, 2006 the Faculty of Social Sciences has instituted the Ephorus system to be used by instructors for the systematic detection of plagiarism in students’ written work. Please see the information concerning fraud .


Information on

Reading list

  • Shiraev, E.B. & Levy, D.A. (2010). Cross-cultural Psychology; Critical thinking and contemporary applications (International edition). Boston, MA; Allly and Bacon/ Pearson.

  • A set of articles (see Blackboard)


Exam registration

Registration for the (re)exam is not automatic. Students, who haven’t registered, cannot participate in the (re)exam

Electives students

You have to enroll for each course separately.

Contact information

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