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Analysis of Own Data


Admission requirements

MSc Psychology (research) students with a (almost) completed thesis.


This module takes place at the end of the two-year master program. The course aims at evaluating the thesis process from an ethical, integrity point of view. In the course we will discuss several pitfalls of empirical research. We focus on the design of a study, the various aspects of data analysis, and the writing of the research thesis. Moreover, students write a report about the thesis of another student with a detailed, critical scrutiny of the thesis process. In order to write this report the students will interview each other about the various aspects of empirical research and how these were operationalized in the thesis project.

Course objectives

  • The student learns to look critically at his/her own research practices and those of others.

  • The students will learn to look beyond standard practices


Mode of instruction

Lectures and lab sessions with interviews

Assessment method

The assessment is based on a written report

From January 1, 2006 the Faculty of Social Sciences has instituted the Ephorus system to be used by instructors for the systematic detection of plagiarism in students’ written work. Please see the information concerning fraud .


Information on

Reading list

P.I. Good and J.W. Hardin (2012, 4th edition). Common errors in statistics (and how to avoid them), Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Master’s introduction and enrolment day

Make a reservation in your agenda so you will not miss any information that you will need during your master’s programme MSc in Psychology. Please consult the Agenda master meetings.

Contact information

Dr. M. de Rooij
Room 3B14
Tel.: +31 (0)71 527 4102