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Thesis Seminar (Ancient History)


Admission requirements



The seminar consists of bi-weekly meetings in which students are given the opportunity to present their work and to comment on the work of others, and to discuss practical matters.
Attendance of the thesis seminar is compulsory for all students in the MA-programme Ancient History from the start of their programme until the completion of the thesis.

Course objectives

The seminar aims at providing students with some additional support in the writing and planning process of their thesis as well as achieving further uniformity where practical matters are concerned.


See here.

Mode of instruction

The sessions of the seminar will be devoted to the presentation of substantial portions of the thesis and discussion of work of fellow-students. Work will be circulated through the Forum of the Blackboard-site.

Course Load


Assessment method




Contact information

E-mail: M.J. Groen-Vallinga MPhil.