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Software Engineering



Programming and algorithmic skills are required to participate in the course. These will be elaborated upon and are a starting requirement for the lab.


Software systems are typically built over a longer period of time (couple of years) with a constantly changing mix of people (both number of people and skill set) as well as with constantly changing requirements. This results in quite some challenges with respect to management, maintenance, and stability of the software system. In the course “Software Engineering”, we will look at methods and techniques needed to for designing and building these software systems.


  • Development processes

  • System modeling using UML

  • System architecting and design

  • Quality Assurance& Testing

  • Software project management

  • Empirical research methods in Software Engineering


Enable students to function as a professional in a team of Software Engineers, being able to deal with the practical problems that arise as a result of the engineering process utilizing a standardized toolset.


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Per week 2 uur hoorcollege voorafgaand aan 2 uur werkcollege/programmeeropdrachten.


  • Theory: Two written exams (20%, 20%)

  • Practice: Reverse Engineering Assignment (20%) and Oral assessment following pre-assessed delivered lab-material (40%)

  • Grades for all separate exams and practical assignments must be sufficient.


  • Book: H. van Vliet, Software Engineering: Principles and Practice, ISBN: 9780470031469

  • Sheets used during class.


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Software Engineering


Dit vak wordt in het Snelliusgebouw in Leiden georganiseerd voor Informatica- en I&E-studenten tezamen.