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Replication Workshop



Purpose: The purpose of the replication workshop is to provide students with deeper insights into the research process, by replicating existing pieces of research.

Content: Two, possibly three, pieces of original research (probably articles) in political science will be selected for replication. The author or authors of the research will be invited to discuss with the students, the background that led to the final product. For example, how was the research question developed? How were the data collected? What changes in the project occurred along the way?

The participants of the replication workshop will then re-analyse the data from the original publication. It is also possible that participants replicate the research by collecting new data. They will examine such questions as: would the collection of additional data have improved the analysis? Would improvements in the operationalisation of central concepts be possible? Would another analytic technique have been more appropriate?


Participants in the workshop will provide written critiques of the articles examined and written reports of their reanalysis of the data.




Thursday 6 February 9.00-11.00 hrs in 5B14
Wednesday 12 february until 26 March, 13.00-15.00 hrs in 5B14 (except 5 Feb in 1A33, 12 Feb in 1A15 and no class on 5 March)
Thursday 6 March, 15.00-17.00 hrs in 5A23