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Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics I



The course “Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics” is part of the Delta ITP, which is a joint initiative between the Universities of Leiden (UL), Utrecht (UU), and Amsterdam (UvA). The lectures are given by professors from these three universities, on topics that change every year. This is an advanced master level Delta-ITP course, and it is also suitable for PhD students and postdocs. If you are a first year master’s student interested in these courses for credit, please consult with your local contact, before registering for the course.
The topic of the fall semester course will be “out-of-equilibrium physical systems”.
Details of the course can be found at the Delta-ITP website Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics course
Please register there. The location of this semester’s course will be Utrecht University. Directions can be found here

Programme form

The course will be divided into four 4-weeks modules; for each one there are three lectures (3hrs each) and three exercise sessions (3hrs each).
One may take the course for 6EC credit; to do so one must pass 2 out of the 3 modules for 3EC each.



Physics Schedule

Form of examination

At the end of modules 1,2 & 4 there is an exam.


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