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Entrepreneurship and Innovation





This course is a challenging introduction into business studies. By interactively working on case studies, much discussion and the writing of a business innovation plan you will gain insight into the most important aspects of business studies, entrepreneurship and innovation. We will discuss general aspects of entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, finances and corporate social responsibility.

Learning goals

Course objectives
Objective of this course is to gain thorough understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Learning goals are: - To be able to explain the performance of corporations

  • To be able to relate innovation theory and theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship with practical issues.

  • To be able to measure performance and relate company performance to corporate planning.

  • To be able to explain the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship and to apply innovation as a tool to improve corporate performance.

  • To be able to reflect on your own learning performance and provide feedback to other students.


Kies voor propedeuse of bachelor en master.

Method of teaching


  • Number of sessions, 2 hours each: 7

  • Name of lecturer: dr, R.P. Orij

  • Lectures are taught in English.


  • Number of sessions, 2 hours each: 7

  • Name of lecturer: dr. R.P. Orij

  • Preparation: each week a separate assignment is due.

  • Workshops are taught in Dutch and in English, depending on the audience.


Types of assessment

  • Exam (70%)

  • Business innovation plan (30%)

  • Both parts of the assessment have to be passed separately. Passes for the separate parts can be reapplied at the re-sits in the same year only.

Submission procedures

Each week parts of the final paper have to be submitted, including feedback to other students’ work.

Exam readings

The studied chapters from the text book, all class notes and PowerPoints and extra articles published on


Bij dit vak wordt gebruik gemaakt van Blackboard.



  • Bessant, J. and J. Tidd, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, second edition, John Wiley and Sons, Ltd, ISBN 978-0-470-71144-66

  • Articles, as published on Blackboard.

  • Syllabus: found on Blackboard,

  • Reader:

Extra material
See Blackboard.


Through uSis.


  • Coordinator: dr. R.P. Orij

  • Address: Steenschuur 25

  • Working days: Monday to Firday

  • Telephone: 071 – 527 7851

  • E-mail:


  • Institute: Tax Law and Economics

  • Department of Business Studies:

  • Room number secretariat: B 2.11

  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 17.00

  • Telephone secretariat: 071 – 527 7851

  • E-mail:


This course is a renewed version of the course with the name Business and Entrepreneurship.


Belangstellenden die deze cursus in het kader van contractonderwijs willen volgen (met tentamen), kunnen meer informatie vinden over kosten, inschrijving, voorwaarden, etc. op de website van Juridisch PAO