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Hittite is the language of the Hittite Empire, that ruled in the period 1650-1180 BC over large parts of modern-day Turkey. Hittite is written in the cuneiform script on clay tablets, and is the oldest attested Indo-European language. In this course, the entire grammar of Hittite will be treated, so that at the end of the course the student will be able to independently read Hittite texts. The cuneiform script will not be treated in this course: all texts are read in transliteration.

Course objectives

At the end of the course the student is able to indenpendently read Hittite texts with the help of a dictionary.


Collegerooster van de opleiding Taalwetenschap

Mode of instruction

Lecture/seminar (2 hours per week)

Course Load

26 uur contactonderwijs
52 uur voorbereidingstijd op colleges
62 uur voorbereiding op tentamen.

Assessment method

Written exam



Reading list

Please buy: The Elements of Hittite, Theo van den Hout (Cambridge University Press, 2011), isbn 9780521133005.


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