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Statistical computing with R


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Nowadays computers have become an indispensable tool for statisticians in both industry and academia. The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the use of computers for statistical computation using the R computing environment. Topics that will be covered include among others: the basic structure of the R language, using and writing functions, producing graphics with R, efficient programming with R, and fitting simple regression models. The course will consist of lectures and lab sessions that will introduce students to the concepts mentioned above motivated by real examples and problems.

Course objectives

Develop programming skills in R.

Mode of Instruction

This course is a combination of lectures, problem sessions and computer practicals.

Time Table

For the course days, course location and class hours check the Time Table 2014-15 under the
tab “Masters Programme” at

Assessment method

Compulsory homework (1/3) and an examination (2/3) at the end of the course.

Compulsory homework will be distributed at the end of each lecture and has to be handed in the
following week.

The written exam consists of programming exercises for which a computer should be

Exam and resit information about the date can be found in the Time Table 2014-15 pdf document under the tab “Masters Programme” at The exams take place in the Snellius building, the room will be announced on the electronic billboard, to be found at the opposite of the entrance, the content can also be viewed online at:
If the exam does not take place in the Snellius building, then an announcement will be sent via blackboard

Reading list

The art of R programming. Norman Matloff, No Starch Press 2011, ISBN: 978-1-59327-384-2

Course Registration

Enroll in Blackboard for the course materials and course updates.

To be able to obtain a grade and the ECTS for the course, sign up for the (re-)exam in uSis ten calendar days before the actual (re-)exam will take place. Note, the student is expected to participate actively in all activities of the program and therefore uses and registers for the first exam opportunity.

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Prospective students website for information on how to apply.

Contact information

mkampert [at] math [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl


  • This is a compulsory course in the Master’s programme of the specialisation Statistical Science for the Life & Behavioural sciences.