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Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour


Admission requirements

First year course Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology or similar.


The focus of this course is on the treatment of abnormal behaviour through psychotherapy. We will discuss the theoretical basis, indications and contra-indications, practice issues and efficacy of different types of psychological interventions. These include: psychoanalysis; behavioural and cognitive therapy; hypnosis and suggestion; ‘third-wave’ behavioural treatments (ACT, MBCT); relationship and family therapy. This course is complementary to the Dutch-language course PDB (Psychopathologie, Diagnostiek en Behandeling).

Course objectives

Students acquire: – knowledge of the theoretical basis of various psychotherapies – a basic knowledge of the techniques of psychotherapy – knowledge of the research evidence of the effectiveness of psychotherapies


Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour (2014-2015): To be announced



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Mode of instruction and literature per lecture

This course consists of a series of eight lectures.

Literature: to be announced.

Assessment method

Exam with multiple choice-questions


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Contact information

Prof. dr. Philip Spinhoven