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Animal Cognition


Let op: deze vakbeschrijving is van 2013-14 en wordt mogelijk spoedig nog licht aangepast voor het jaar 2014-15.


On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Show knowledge and understanding of contemporary findings and theories concerning selected areas of animal cognition.

  • Display detailed understanding of key debates within the study of animal cognition.


This course addresses experimental and comparative analyses of cognition and behaviour in animals that take animals’ natural and life histories into account to place animal cognition within an evolutionary framework. Special emphasis will be given on current comparative research on bird song and human speech and language acquistion within the LIBC.


Selected primary literature.

Mode of teaching

“Textbook knowledge” is acquired via instruction lectures, and self study of primary literature and interactive classes. Case study and Special Topics lectures presented by specialists in the field and the students’ symposium will cover ongoing research and new developments in the field of Animal Cognition. Handouts and other material will be made available via the digital learning environment Blackboard.


2-3 short written examinations (‘day tests’), quality and quantity of participation in the discussions and lectures as well as marks for the presentations during the student’s symposium.