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International Negotiating and Contracting®


Admission requirements

Only master level students


Commercial contractual agreements are fundamental to international business. They are entered into in order to be performed as drafted. They also protect against financial and other unwanted liabilities and risks. The design of the contract and the protection against liabilities and risks are nearly always subject to negotiation. Thus, failing to negotiate properly may lead to unnecessary liabilities and to damage, particularly in the world of information technology, where the stakes are often very high. That is why it is vital that any executive entering into an international commercial transaction should know how to negotiate successfully an agreement that will actually satisfy his or her needs. This practical, academically well-founded course provides participants with the tools to do just that.

Course objectives

After having completed this course participants will:

  • have knowledge of the techniques of negotiating;

  • have insight in the structure of negotiations;

  • have the necessary basic skills of negotiation;

  • have an intellectual basis for your own negotiations;

  • be able to understand the multicultural business environment;

  • be acquainted with the subject of international commercial contracts.


The schedule can be found on the LIACS website

Detailed table of contents can be found in blackboard.

Mode of instruction

3 hours interactive lectures every week, 6 weeks long.

Assessment method

  • 50% of the grade will be based on the results of a mock-negotiation of an international commercial contract. This negotiation is a take-home exam. Grading will take into account the clarity, logic and readability of the work.

  • 25% of the grade will be based on class participation.

  • 25% of the grade will be based on homework.


“International Negotiating”:

Reading list

An electronic reader and other course materials will be downloadable from Blackboard.

Signing up for classes and exams

You have to sign up for classes and examinations (including resits) in uSis. Check this link for more information and activity codes.

There is a limited capacity for external students. Please contact the programme Co-ordinator

Contact information

Programme Co-ordinator “ms. Judith Havelaar LL.M”


This is a non-obligatory elective