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Industrial Ecology Capita Selecta Module


An Industrial Ecology Capita Selecta Module can have a value of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 EC.
4413IECS2Y (2 EC)
4413IECS3Y (3 EC)
4413IECS4Y (4 EC)
4413IECS5Y (5 EC)
4413IECS6Y (6 EC)

The description of this module in 2013-2014 is published in the e-studyguide of TU Delft.

Students have to send a request to the board of examiners before starting an Industrial Ecology Capita Selecta Module. For instructions see Blackboard TU Delft > Student Information Master Industrial Ecology (IE students only) > Board of Examiners > Board of Examiners.

Students have to enroll for courses and exams via uSis (Leiden University). For classnumbers see here and here.