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Thesis Preparation Module


Students of the master’s programme Industrial Ecology have to select, depending on their interest and background, a research topic in deliberation with staff members of one or more of the research groups involved. Students have to work independently on a research project. The Master’s Thesis Research Project is composed of two modules: a Thesis Preparation Module (4413GRPMDY) and a Thesis Research Project (4413TRP30Y). As preparation to the research topic, the involved staff member can ask the student to successfully finish specific Specialisation Modules, this has to be discussed with the student before the Master’s Thesis Research starts.

For more information see the Thesis Research Protocol at Blackboard TU Delft > Student Information Master Industrial Ecology (IE students only) > Programme Information > Thesis Preparation Module and Thesis Research Project.

More information and the description of the Thesis Preparation Module is published in the e-studyguide of TU Delft.

Enrollment: All students have to enroll at the start of the course, but at least two weeks before the exam via uSis, Leiden University. For classnumbers see here or here.

The lecturer communicates via e-mail and via blackboard TU Delft.