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Fine Arts: Photography 2

Course 2013-2014

Entrance requirements

  • make a photographic report in ten photos of a stroll to the bakery, shop, school etc and try to capture this outing in images that speak to viewers – make ten photos based on a theme which offers an insight into your personal imagination
    It does not matter whether you use a digital or analog camera. The format should be at least 13×18 cm. The photos do not have to be developed but may also be shown on a laptop.
    Students are free in their choice of subjects. Entrance interviews will be on August 31, 2012. Students who have applied for this elective will be notified on the time and place of the interview.

Description This course is an introductory course which will focus on the examination of expressive and applicatory possibilities of photographic means. Concepts that will be explored are image, reality, foreground and background, space, zoom, sharpness, depth, shutter speed, light, lighting, moment, and aperture.

Course objectives

The purpose of this class is to also to bring students into contact with different fields of photography, such as illustrative, commerical, reporting, documentray and autonomous photography. Students will also work with camera obscura, different camerasystems and both studio and darkroom equipment. Finally attention will pe paid to modern techniques such as digital photography and photo development software.
The assignments will focus on the study of images, sketching techniques and documentation.


First semester. Lessons take place at the Royal Academy of Arts (Prinsessegracht 4, Den Haag), on Mondays from 19.00-21.30. First class tba.

Mode of instruction

Practical lessons with individual guidance.

Mode of assesment

Individual assesment of work at the end of the course. Attendance is obligatory.


Will be anounced in the first class.


Dave Willé


NB: This course is NOT available in Usis. registration is obligatory, via a registration from which can be obtained by sending an email to Dave Willé


This course is part of Practicum Artium. These courses are exclusively intented for students of Leiden University.

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