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Clinical Assessment and Treatment: People with intellectual disabilities


NB Language of instruction is Dutch.

Admission requirements

Clinical assessment and treatment: general introduction


This specialised course deals with aspects of assessment and treatment, specifically for people with Intellectual Disabities. This includes, for instance: specific research methods and techniques for people with severe communication problems, a very young developmental age, assessment on the basis of information provided by third parties, comorbid disorders, treatment planning in the care of disabled persons, and clinical genetic syndromes.
This component builds further on the Clinical Assessment and Treatment: general introduction course, and – where applicable – the Clinical skills (Clinical Assessment and Treatment) course.

Course objectives

Achievement levels: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-12-13-14-15-16-18-19.



Mode of instruction

The course consists of 10 lectures and a paper. The course is rounded off with an essay examination.

Assessment method

Literature examination and a paper.

From the start of the course, students are expected to work on a paper. Students choose a topic based on a list that will be presented during the first meeting. The paper includes 1500-2000 words (excl. title page, table of contents, and reference list), letter size 12 (Arial/Times), line space 1.5. Literature search is performed by the students and needs to result into a minimum of 80% English-language, peer-reviewed articles with at least 3 recent references (2010 or later). The paper is graded in a pass/fail manner; in case of a fail situation there will be opportunity for re-examination. A second fail requires re-examination in the following year. A pass paper gives access to the symposium.

N.B. It is NOT a requirement to pass the paper before taking the exam. However, both exam and paper need to be completed successfully in order to pass the course.


This course makes use of Blackboard

Reading list (subject to availibility)

  • Došen, A. (2005). Psychische stoornissen, gedragsproblemen en verstandelijke handicap. Assen: Gorcum.

  • Kraijer, D. & Plas, J. (2006). Handboek psychodiagnostiek en beperkte begaafdheid. Amsterdam: Harcourt.

  • A number of articles (to be specified later).


Please note that separate uSis registration is mandatory for lectures, seminars, exams and re-exams. Student who do not register, cannot attend courses or take exams.


  • Registration for the lectures of the course is possible as of two months through one week before the first lecture at the latest;

  • Registration for the seminars of the course is possible as of two months through one week before the first seminar at the latest.


Student must register for each exam through uSis. This is only possible until 10 calendar days before the exam. More information on exam registration
h3. Contact information

Co-ordinator Dr. Y.M. Dijkxhoorn
For the duration of the course, Dr Dijkxhoorn will have a consultation hour directly following the lecture.