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Investigative Journalism




Admission Requirements

Similarly-tagged 100/200-level courses or permission from the instructor.


This course is for students who are interested in learning about the theory and practice of investigative reporting in today’s media. Students will be exposed to outstanding examples of research journalism and will be asked to consider why they were successful. The class will explore innovative methods, strategies and tactics that journalists employ in research projects. Students will also be expected to complete their own investigative report.

Course Objectives

  • To raise students’ awareness of the need for investigative reporting to achieve greater accountability in an open society

  • To give students insight into the methodologies of investigative journalism

  • To give students a chance to try their hand at investigative reporting


At least two weeks before the course begins, all students should order the following books (only the paperback is acceptable, not the ebook version!):

Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield – Jeremy Scahill

Additional reading will be distributed during the course.