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First-year programme.

Admission Requirements



This course gives an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of statistical inference. Students will learn the basic principles of data collection, and how to explore patterns and variation in data by means of descriptive statistics and graphs. Furthermore, the course provides an introduction to the quantitative analysis of data by means of point estimates, confidence intervals, statistical tests on means, and bivariate regression analysis.

Course Objectives

After the course, students should be able to:

  • examine patterns in data graphically and quantitatively;

  • examine relationships between two variables graphically and quantitatively.

  • understand the relationship between mean, median, variance, skewness, and kurtosis, and the shape of a distribution;

  • formulate and test hypotheses on the mean of a single population, and interpret the outcomes.

  • formulate and test hypotheses on the means of two populations, and interpret the outcomes.

  • perform a simple linear regression analysis and be able to interpret the result.


Students should download the following text:
Chapter Diez, David M., Christopher D Barr, and Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel. OpenIntro Statistics.

In addition, the following textbook will be used during the Statistics course as well as the Mathematics courses in Block 4:

Math Overboard!: (Basic Math for Adults), Part 1
by Colin W. Clark
Dog Ear Publishing
Part 1 (2012): ISBN-10: 1457514818; ISBN-13: 978-1457514814