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Environmental Economics



[BSc], GED, ID, PSc, Ec

Course description

This 300-level course will focus on the environment as a public good and “sink” for the negative externalities created by private goods. We will examine local and global pollution (e.g., coal’s contributes to PM2.5 and climate change) and the different ways of managing or protecting the environment (e.g., Pigou versus Coase versus Ostrom).

Themes: Sustainability, public (social) goods vs. private (market) goods, externalities and discount rates.

Learning objectives

Students will understand the benefits and challenges of sustainability. We will use class projects/experiments/case studies to focus on the multiple interacting dimensions of personal choices, profits, votes and social outcomes.

Compulsory literature

Dolan, Edward (2011). There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. London: Searching Finance.
Assigned academic articles, e.g., Coase (1960)