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Tutorial Guidance



The academic autonomy afforded by a liberal arts and sciences environment, while stimulating, also requires individualised attention and advice to ensure that students’ intellectual and personal development at LUC is well-conceived, well-integrated, and fruitful. To this end, LUC has a unique tutorial support system which pairs each student with a member of the academic staff for regular contact and guidance through the three years of your BA or BSc programme.

Academic Guidance

Because LUC offers a wide range of multi- and inter-disciplinary courses designed to expand your intellectual horizons, your personal tutor is your first point of contact for questions and discussion of your study plan and course choices. Whether you are exploring new fields, seeking clarity about the direction of your major, finding the right courses to take in at any given time, wishing to take an additional or external course, formulating an idea for your capstone project, or engaging in extra-curricular academic activities (such as reading groups, conferences, debates, competitions, internships), please keep your personal tutor updated.

The academically intense honours programme at LUC is also a prime training ground for effective time management, organisation, teamwork, and communication. The tutorial system offers tuition and advice for your development of these essential transferable skills via Study Skills Workshops and through discussion with your personal tutor. If you have or wish to be tested for a specific, documented learning condition (such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD), please inform your personal tutor immediately, after which s/he will put you in touch with professionals at the Plexus Student Centre in Leiden for specialized support.


  • Four scheduled block meetings (4 hours)

  • Tutorial office hours (5 hours)

Career Guidance

Whether you are contemplating internships, summer schools, the LUC Semester Abroad Programme, or life after your LUC degree, your personal tutor is available to listen to your ideas, discuss them with you, and offer advice or act as your referee for applications where appropriate. Your personal tutor is also a good port of call for any queries about constructing a CV and preparing application materials for opportunities within and beyond LUC.


  • Academic workshop (4 hours)

  • Career and internships workshops (4 hours)

  • Majors information meetings (5 hours)

Introduction Week

During the LUC Introduction Week, first-year students get to know the College, the academic programme, the staff, and—perhaps most importantly—each other. They are also introduced to their tutor. There are several meetings with the Student Life Officer and the Residential Assistants, peer mentors who help new students with adjusting to university life and finding your way at LUC.


  • Introduction meeting with tutor (1 hours)

  • Welfare workshop (4 hours)

  • Compulsory activities Introduction Week (36 hours)