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Governance of healthcare


Governance can be seen as the means whereby the issues of quality in care can be addressed. It can be defined as a comprehensive approach towards governing a healthcare organization rather than an addition sum of methods and measures. Whilst this course focuses principally on governance matters in the Dutch Health Service, it also includes case studies from healthcare organisations around the world. Students will become familiar with the meaning of governance and with ways to assess, organize and structure changes in healthcare organisations.

Bachelor degree

Learning objectives

  • The student can explain what governance means in relation to healthcare.

  • The student can explain the basic governance terms and relate them to practice.

  • The student can give the criteria of a good mission statement and a vision for an organization.

  • The student can give examples of how successful entrepreneurial activities in health care were developed and managed.

  • The student can perform a market analysis by using the basic tools.

  • The student can sum up the basic contents and dynamics of an annual financial statement.

  • The student can describe the major ways of managing quality of care in plain words.

  • The student is able to write and design a basic business proposal.

  • The student has experienced how a health care organization in the Netherlands is governed.

Bussiness proposal and financial overview (see for more details blackboard/course booklet)

Dr. L. van Delden
Dr. D. van Bodegom
Dr. J.J. Meij

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