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Structure and Financing of Healthcare


Different countries have different health care systems, due to historical developments and political and societal structures. In this course we teach our students conceptual frameworks to describe and understand the structural and economic aspects of different health care systems. Health care systems may largely differ from each other in terms of their delivery-, financing- and regulation-structures. Policy issues will be analysed such as the private/public mix in finance and provision, regulation, solidarity. Students will become acquainted with some fundamental aspects of the market-oriented healthcare reforms that are taking place in the Netherlands as well as in many other countries. Students will deal with topics such as: structure of health care systems; health insurance; regulated competition in health care and finance of health care. Furthermore, students will focus on the national and international assessment of health equity and inequality.

Bachelor degree

Learning objectives

  • The student can outline the relationship between health care structures and health outcomes.

  • The student can report what the basic models of health care structures are, and give the main pros and cons of these models.

  • The student can give the main reasons of why health care expenditure is rising.

  • The student can outline the relationship between rising health care expenditure and health care policy.

  • The student can give examples of how health care structures differ between countries.

  • The student can give examples of best practices in long-term care.

  • The student knows the basic characteristics of the Dutch health care system.

  • The student knows the basic characteristics of the Australian health care system and other health care systems to widen the scope.

Policy document (see for more details blackboard/course booklet)

M. van der Waal, MSc
Dr. J. Lindenberg
T. Puvill, MSc

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