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The Ageing Process


The combat of diseases that are associated with ageing necessitates a thorough understanding of ‘why and how we age’. The first question addresses the notion that the ageing process is not necessary, that ageing is not a prerequisite to life. The world’s fauna illustrates that the ageing process has evolved markedly differently between species. This course will bring your understanding of why we age from a negligible to an advanced level. The concept that the rate of ageing varies between individuals stimulates us to explore how to we can slow the ageing process. During the course we will review various patho-physiologic mechanisms.It is needless to say that most of the underlying mechanisms in ageing have not been investigated in sufficient detail. These questions await you to solve them.

Learning objectives

  • The student can explain why ageing is neither necessary nor inevitable.

  • The student can describe the major ageing theories in plain words.

  • The student can describe the resemblance between ageing and disease at old age.

Bachelor degree


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